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No matter what you need call us, we’ve got you covered! Our technicians can do everything, from rekeying or changing a lock all together to installing a high security master system.

Basic Security For your Business

  • Lock Rekey
  • Lock Repair
  • Lock Change

Baldwin, Medeco, Kwikset and more, expertly serviced and installed. Whether you need a new lock, an upgrade or just a rekey for that one time that a no good employee quit the job and still has a key which is sensitive to your business call us right away and get an exact quote before any work is performed by the technician.

  • High Grade Lock Systems
  • Master Key Systems
  • E-Cards and Key Fobs
  • Biometric and Key Pads

Don’t feel like a janitor! Get a master key system! Such a system comes in various configurations and options, for example you could rekey all of your locks to one master key which opens them all and freely distribute individual keys for individual locks all while preserving your master keys capabilities!

Call With Confidence

We offer a 90-day written guarantee on all work completed.

Sending a technician out to your location is a small service call fee, regardless of time of day.

No hidden fees! Before work is commenced you got a detailed invoice which must be signed and no changes will suddenly be made in the middle of the job.
We value all of our Melbourne customers, and we want to make sure your home is as safe as possible.

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