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Are you looking for a professional locksmith in the Melbourne area? No problem! 24 Hour Locksmith Melbourne has got that area covered, so look no further!

When you choose a Locksmith you have many choices. There are a few things that you should know. Always be sure that you are dealing with professionals. They need to be insured and bonded Locksmiths. When you call, be sure that the company is local and not out of state. When the service vehicle arrives be sure that it is well marked with the name of the company. Does the technician have a uniform, or is he just working out of his vehicle? There are a lot of scams to watch for.

You may think that you are calling a local Locksmith but the job is going out of state. The dispatcher will call a technician that may not be certified to do the job. What happens next is the customer may be over charged because they may not be experienced and are unable open your home and it could destroy your locks. That means you pay for the added expense. I understand that when you need a Locksmith most of the time it is a stressful situation. Please take the time to protect yourself and family from what we call ghost locksmiths. We at Lock Haven take pride in serving your needs!

Luis Torres, Local Owner

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